Saturday, August 29, 2009

While NFL preseason games lack the heightened meaning of regular season outcomes, I unlike many others, find it easy to sit down and enjoy a game that has as much meaning as me introducing a new idea at the weekly promotions meeting. No, it’s not as enjoyable as plopping down on the sofa during championship Sunday and a day full of E True Hollywood stories, but it’s entertaining on a different level altogether. This is the only time of year when you get to watch the former college superstars, the newest crop of unknown rookies, and struggling veterans trying to find their niche with a team in the same broadcast. Yes, the rookies are mainly going against other rookies and it dilutes the true results of the game, but sometimes it also gives you a realistic projection of what to expect from your new acquisitions, and how they will affect the coming season. This is where a show like Hard Knocks on HBO comes into play. HBO’s vast portfolio of successful television series has added another feather to their cap with Hard Knocks. HBO has done a good job in choosing a team with must-have qualities worthy of a behind-the-scenes series: An all-encompassing organization/team problem- Wins (The Bengals who were 4-11-1 last year and have not had a winning season since 2005), Displaced Veterans (Tank Johnson, Roy Williams, Laveranues Coles- All in current standing to start at respected positions.), Rookie holdout (Who coincidently also happens to own a pair of man boobs that would make Phil Mickelson blush), Memorable superstar (Chad Ochocinco, who is easily the most athletic guy who eats McDonalds on a regular basis, and also one of the more outspoken/curious players in the league at his position. He tweets. He kicks. Child Please!), a star QB (Who’s coming off an injury-plagued year and looks to return to pro bowl form), and speaking of those looking to return to form….

It’s safe to say that Mike Vick will take anything close to the form that he displayed before going to the slammer for bankrolling a dog fighting ring. Vick being the natural athlete that he is has looked good in practice, and he’s also the owner of the prettiest thrown deep ball in all of camp for the Eagles. This comes to no surprise from Atlanta fans who were accustomed to hearing about how delightfully spectacular Vick’s spirals looked in practice- and even were on public display when overthrowing any receiver on the roster during the games. It almost feels like karma has come through somewhat for Vick. He has been picked up by the Eagles, who have a solid front office, head coach and quarterback- who by the way is anxious to help the troubled quarterback get his career back on track. Vick still has to deal with the shoddy playing restrictions that the Commish has imposed on him, but with his overall situation, Vick should be pleased to still have a puncher’s chance of making something of his remaining career. In terms of the protesting that was thought to happen throughout the entire season, its looking like the increased media attention is on Plaxico and everything Obama. It will be exciting nonetheless to watch how the Eagles deal with the crowd of players under center. Let’s not forget that the Eagles have already drafted who they thought would eventually replace Mcnabb in Kevin Kolb, and with A.J. Feely playing well in the preseason, all we can do is wait and see what Vick does in his coming preseason action on Thursday.

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