Monday, March 23, 2009

Opening line

Well this took long enough....

So I finally caved and started writing a blog. I have now fully immersed myself into the blog-o-sphere, looking to venture into the unknown and see what happens. I plan on this blog being focused around sports, but being culturally relevant as well. In doing this I hope to find my individual voice amongst all the ruckus of blogs and talking heads. I will be posting on average about twice a week, with more/less during big events or marathons of my favorite shows. I understand this opening post appears blurry, but give it a chance, I did graduate with a degree in Speech Communication mind you, so some time may be needed to get settled into this writing thing. Thanks for reading and take care.

P.S.- The next post will be a brief overview of the Sweet 16 teams participating in the NCAA Tournament. I'll post it over the next few days. That post will shed a brighter light on what style this blog will be written in.

P.S.S.- I am open to random topic discussion. Just drop me a comment or line and we'll go from there.

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