Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Links of Note

Links. Links. Links. Links. Links.

First and foremost. Never forget [CNN]

Unbelievable breakdown of how Nick Saban will try and stop Manziel. Keyword: Try [SB Nation]

Whitlock says it's not personal. Could have fooled me. [Deadspin]

How much caffeine is too much? [iO9]

What the heck is Sammy Sosa doing to himself? [CBS Sports]

How long is too long to stay at your job? Good info here. [The Week]

On what would be Bear Bryant's 100th birthday, a former player says Nick Saban is better. [Orlando Sentinel]

Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty was in New York modeling for Fashion Week [US Weekly]

U.S. clinches a World Cup berth with a 2-0 win over Mexico last night [USA Today]

Could be looking at a letdown game for the Gamecocks against Vandy this weekend [Augusta Chronicle]

Finally, a video....

Just doing my part. Over 40,000,000 views and rapidly counting. I hate everything.

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