Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lunchable Links 8/28

About as in-depth on Nick Saban as you're gonna get right here. [GQ]

Follow up: Are Bama fans bored with winning? [Wall Street Journal]

Crazy situation for C.J. Spiller. No timetable for his return to Bills yet. [CBS Sports]

"I've talked to defensive coaches. These guys are actually practicing faking injuries in practice."--Kirk Herbstreit []

Titus Young Is A Sad Disaster [Deadspin]

Rolling Stone offering up some teasers on their upcoming investigative report on Aaron Hernandez. Fact checkers must be getting some overtime. [Rolling Stone]

College Football's Most Dominant Player? ESPN. [NY Times]

Elliot Johnson of the Braves breaking triple down like a NASCAR driver. Pretty funny.  [via Deadspin]

Breaking Bad in 2 hours. (Seasons 1-4) ones are on demand


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