Thursday, November 10, 2011

All This Talk of Destiny

Hard luck square, George McFly
George: Lorraine, my density has popped me to you.
Lorraine: What?
George: Oh, what I meant to say was...
Lorraine: Wait a minute, don't I know you from somewhere?
George: Yes. Yes. I'm George, George McFly. I'm your density. I mean... your destiny.

George McFly, one of cinemas most insecure, nerdy wimps, could have about-faced, mumbled some obscenities under his breath and not gathered himself to take another run at the lovely Lorraine Baines in "Back to the Future". Known to all as the sci-fi geek equipped with a laugh that could clear a room, it’s safe to say McFly would have had better luck with natural selection rather than convincing Baines to date him (much less not explode into laughter anytime she looked at him).

And for some reason, when I remember this small exchange, I’m reminded of this year’s edition of the Georgia Bulldogs, and what’s still attainable if only they finally assert themselves like the clumsy McFly did.

We compare McFly’s initial fumbled attempt at conversation, which on a scale is somewhere between inaudible and verbal diarrhea, in correlation to the Boise St loss to open the season. The grand stage was set in Atlanta, only to end sloppily against the winningest college program over the past few years. The injury bug also hit UGA during the game which became a common thread for the season. But, It was a game Georgia could lose—the SEC Championship was still in sight.

The next shot at serendipity came with the Gamecocks coming to town. This would be Georgia’s toughest SEC opponent of the year, and it also doubled as a rivalry game. Much like McFly gaining his footing in the beginning the second time a round, the Dawgs bounced back from their season opening loss to outplay the Gamecocks. But outplay as they might, they did not outscore the visiting team. You gotta stay focused from start and finish to end with a win, or in McFly’s case, to construct a comprehensible sentence.

The very second the wrong word came out again, McFly, or Georgia for that matter, knew its safety net had disappeared. And just as the memorable klutz somehow instantaneously fired out the corrected word, somehow these Dawgs persevered through five straight SEC games, climbed over and through suspensions/injuries/maturity issues/Preseason All-American candidates forgetting how to kick the ball, and landed back into destiny’s driver seat.

The courtship for Lorraine was not won in the diner that day, but a seed of belief was planted in her heart. For no matter how faulty, square and lame McFly indeed was, he really thought he had a chance with her. That same seed has been growing in these Dawgs since September 10th. And whether they were right or wrong at the time to believe it, he made his statement, and they won their games. And sure, there are other scenarios that could play out and still land UGA in Atlanta again on Dec. 3rd, but I doubt the Dawgs give up the keys this time.

Games to Watch

No. 10 Virginia Tech @ No. 21 Georgia Tech-Thursday-8pm-ESPN

Great Coastal division matchup with both teams coming off bye weeks

No.1 North Carolina vs Michigan St.-Friday-7pm-ESPN

Basketball on an aircraft carrier. This should be interesting.

No. 20 Auburn @ No. 15 Georgia-Saturday-3:30-CBS

The Bulldogs now have the keys. Sure hope that car don't sputter.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons-Sunday-1:00-FOX

The Falcons can't afford to lose this one at home. Rise up!

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