Friday, August 27, 2010

The Boys of Fall

There is a man sitting behind me and although I have never met him, I can tell we have shared the same state of mind the past couple of weeks. While a wall of glass separates us from communicating about our recent bouts with public catnaps, he is clearly making his case nonverbally.
Let me start by saying that sleeping in public is not particularly flattering. If you were led to believe otherwise, don’t believe the hype. I call your attention to this slumbering, sloppy- albeit well dressed-fellow because he embodies my current train of thought concerning football. It’s the way I have felt about football while trying to watch not only the NFL, with the preseason now at the halfway mark, but also in watching preseason/Week 0-whatever that is- of high school football. Having to leave early from a local jamboree a few weeks ago, I initially chalked it up to an extended work day. Or maybe it’s just me getting older. I knew going in that the play-calling would be bland at best. But to actually start nodding off at a live football game!?


Sounds sacrilegious, huh?

I felt like the trophy wife who gets dragged to the 7 P.M. kickoff after tailgating all day under the unforgiving sun. But enough of the excuses and relating myself to anything that resembles a trophy. All that matters now is the full slate of games throughout the area this evening. Not to discredit any games from last Fridays Week 0 (The two main games were actually pretty exciting with a come from behind win by Greenbrier and Strom Thurmond holding off a very talented Williston-Elko team), but the evening had such a preseason feel about it without all the teams playing, didn’t it? And those games counted! Whatever side of the argument you fall on, what’s not in question is how we’re collectively held captive by the kind of clock-watching anxiousness that’s usually reserved for the guys wearing jerseys and jeans on this day.

This is the time of year when your productivity at work will start a downward trend. The boss (Read: Man) is going to try and pulverize your newfound Friday gusto with random office rants, shortened lunch breaks, and extra copies of commission reports that end up doubling as fantasy football pool scrap sheets. Nobody said it was going to be easy. It’ll take its toll on you, but its ok. Care to know why? It’s rather simple really. Because it’s Week 1.

Cheers to a wonderful football season.

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