Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Thoughts from last night's thriller...

1. Many thanks NBA for letting colleges rent out these star players for a year and doing two major things in the process:
Having ridiculous turnover with watchable players
- Giving fans zero chance to "grow with a player" as his time elapses. You got five months to enjoy his talent. Want to see John Wall develop a killer instinct and learn to take over games at any point? Not a chance. Or, what about Demarcus Cousins. Wanna watch him learn to perform for a full game and refine his touch around the basket? Not gonna happen. We might get the chance with the next cant-miss-prospect, but probably not.
Diluting every rivalry except UNC-DUKE and the like
- I guess this works both ways. Just as NBA scouts sit and salivate about a player's upside and potential, I think about how completely different the games would be with just an extra year of history. Just think about this years Kentucky team with another year of seasoning (Ohio State would have had some killer teams as well) That means a year to cut out rookie mistakes and actually take part in the college experience (social events, helping brand a program, and most importantly, classes) for an extra year before they blow their checks on stuff that NBA players blow their checks on.
What's a fat check good for if you don't know how to spend it?
2. #31 from USC looks like a European version of Michael Cera. I wonder what Juno is up to these days?
3. Somebody needs to address the reckless and rampant use of hair gel with assistant coaches. Why do they feel the need to drench their hair in gel? Seriously, as mostly former players, you're already freakish looking in suits due to your height, and it's enough to creep out the entire student section of co-eds, playa. Be original. Lose the product, or I'll bring a match next time and prepare you for your dress rehearsal for the lead in Powder.
4. Favorite quote of the evening
" If another effin' guy says, 'Go Cocks!,' to me, Imma punch his lights out. Plain and simple." - Random Bandwagon Kentucky Fan
5. Wow, what an emotional game. This girl near the concession stand is balling her eyes out. Must be a Cats fan, or it could be that her boyfriend, who was supposedly writing a German paper and enjoying a quiet night in, is hand-in-hand and on his way to the bar with a girl who is definitely an upgrade.

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